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Modern Tradition Defines Summer Style

Summer is here – this means clean sweeps and new beginnings. Design esthetics vary from home to home but modern traditional styles can work from one to the next easily. The first of our ‘Art of Display’ Boston Lifestyle series explores simple ways you can entwine both into your favorite rooms.



Traditional influence doesn’t always come in the form of furnishings and fabrics, it can also come in the form of family and heritage. The use of traditional elements in a new and relevant way is key to individual style success!



Check out these display techniques that you can use in your home to bring tradition with modern style together any time of the year.



Clear out clutter and create more beauty! Below are various samples of well-organized home spaces that offer visual appeal through a clean modern palette – allowing viewers to catch all of the traditional style details easily.




Below you’ll find a list of common spaces where you can easily apply these simple tips:


– Kitchen pantry and drawers
– Master bedroom and linen closets
– Garage spaces and stand-alone sheds
– Family room and office bookshelves
– Art displays in any room


People naturally appreciate form and function that comes along with having a space for everything – this is accomplished through simple organization tools combined with accessories that help with the upkeep.



These same formulas can be applied to editing what to pack, and how to unpack, when moving from house to house.

Sometimes it’s just all about creating space for more of what we love in our lives!

Source via Raquel Garcia Design


Julie Harrison