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2024 Home Design Trends

Spring naturally brings a desire to renew, refresh and rethink our surroundings. And this year, it’s all about peach.

Pantone Color of the Year Collaboration via Spoonflower

Pantone’s ‘Color of the Year’ is Peach Fuzz, which is not quite orange and not quite pink. This unique choice allows for a range of everything in between the two and gives so much flexibility with how to use it in design. Soft hues, warm accents, deep highlights and vibrant pops play a part in the dynamic versatility of peach that can swing from the whisper of a neutral to a fiery statement.

Pantone Peach Fuzz Collage via Dezigned

Whether you want to recolor your landscape, redecorate your home, or revamp your work space, this lovely tone is influencing everything from paint, furniture and wall art to landscape, sweet treats and seasonal sippers.

Peach Fuzz Inspiration via Pantone

We’ve pulled together an eclectic list of our favorite peachy inspirations for you to enjoy and explore at your leisure. We’ve paired these dreamy ideas with a spattering of other trends that made the cut as good design partners.

Dreamscape Peach Bedroom via Castaldo Arredamenti


This warm and welcoming color palette was created with the theme of nurture in mind to remind us of our creativity, softness, kindness and connection to the world and others. One whose gentle lightness and airy presence lifts us into the future.

Blushing Wall Accent via Medium Kap Design

This peach hue envelopes and awakens our senses to the comforting presence of tactility and cocooned warmth.

Nuetral Peach Accent Chairs via Medium Kap Design

Peach is a color that radiates warmth and is extremely flattering with almost anything. As with peaches and cream, the peach color works very well when used in combination with other neutrals provided sufficient contrasting accents are provided in deep or light tones.

It makes an excellent color on walls, whether as paint or a patterned wallpaper. Under warm interior light, it practically glows like an evening sunset. One trick not many people may know is that if you line your lampshades in peach, it makes your skin appear flawless. Thank you peach!

Elegant Peach Wine Bar via Brabbu

Designing with Peach Fuzz via Essential Home


Due to its delicate nature, peach is best used as a base color. However, it can be used as an accent color in high contrast designs that use darker colors like teal blues or emerald greens.

Bold Colorful Rooms with Peach via Decorilla

Rooms take a bold turn when orange-pink-peach are combined with high contrast blues and greens. Sculptural pieces with an emphasis on organic shapes inspired by nature are being used as both furniture and art.

Design That Makes a Mark via Archizy


Even though peach pairs so well with so many colors, it’s hard to deny the glamorous combination of this fleshy tone with lush green hues, from mint, teal, lime and emeralds. There’s something so transformative when the duo are used together, like borrowing a perfect moment from mother nature herself.

Peach Black & White Modern Design via Dezigned

Other statement accents that works well with peach are animal prints and textures like fur.

Abstract Animal Prints & Peach via Super Dwell

Peachy-tones come through perfectly in textures from sued-ed, velvety, quilted, and furry and adds something special to luxuriously soothing and soft to the touch elements.

Teal Peach Decor with Ornate Wooden Chest via HGTV

Orange Peach Emerald Green Statement Room via Medium


Peach Salmon Blush Pink Gray Elegance via Medium

Adding a softer tone of blue changes the vibe of peach completely. Perfect for airy, timeless summer homes and waterfront properties on The Cape, The Islands or any beach-y location.

A Hint of Blue via Lewis & Weldon

The home office isn’t going anywhere soon and since peach can change with the seasons, it’s great for updating your work space.

Home Office Trends via Decorilla

Peach, just like mint or yellow, is perfect for a comforting, cozy nook for your newborn babe.

Peach Baby Room via CheckaTrade

Try color blocking a bath with peach to create a very spa-like experience for your tub-time.

Peach Bath Spa via JRL Design


Color doesn’t have to be on a grand scale to make an impact, keep it to small, subtle details if that’s more your style. Ornate touches are the perfect way to accomplish this and couldn’t be more suited for the vintage design comeback we’re seeing in 2024.

Nostalgia takes center stage this season and peach is the perfect companion.  From retro furniture to antique inspired decor, the winning touch is mixing and matching.

Custom Detailing via Medium

Blend contemporary aesthetics with vintage accents that will bring a touch of history while celebrating craftsmanship and timeless elegance. By layering design eras you create a personalized interior space that tells your own unique story curated for you.

Elements in Like Colors via Home & Gardens

Try placing contemporary pieces with retro statements – or play with a common color to tie elements and patterns together to create a cohesive theme like the deep hued tones found in the above painting, wallpaper, curtains, table art and leather arm chair.


Taking natural and organic design a step further, biophilic design fosters a sense of harmony, well-being and vitality into the environment by integrating nature with patterns. Using plants, natural light, florals, and natural materials like wood, fur, linen, stone and metal. Based on Pantone’s purpose for Peach Fuzz – there is a cohesive theme between the two.

Blended Neutrals Biophilic Design via Super Dwell

A key element of design moving into the future is authenticity. Finding your own character and decorating with your likes and personality in mind keeps it genuine. Learning to embrace imperfections and letting unique pieces shine brings warmth and individuality.

Green Botanical Setting via Home & Gardens


Another trend that goes well with the biophilic movement is hiding the TV. This can be done in plain sight by using a dark colored wall behind your television to blend it into the background, but there are so many clever ways to do this with smart T.V.’s like setting the screen to a favorite piece of art or covering it with an abstract pattern and frame.

Disguise the TV via Ideal Home UK


Peach doesn’t have to be kept inside. There are so many ways to use it from accent walls on your porch, to plants in the garden. These tones are beautiful and occur on their own in nature so you can enjoy them in your landscape year after year.

Peach Outdoor Stucco Wall via CheckaTrade


Peach Garden Design via Harmony in the Garden

Maybe your not a fan of the color peach. But who can resist the sweet taste of peach at it’s peak of ripeness. Here are some refreshing spring and summer sippers, something peachy-pewter to pour them into, and a list of sweet treats to try this season, including a sugared peach italian cookie below!

Peach Lemonade via Pink Owl Kitchen

Minty Peach Cooler via Little Fish in the Kitchen

Peach & Pewter Coupe Glass via Match 1995

20 Peach Desserts  via The Pioneer Woman

Peach Fuzz via Pantone

After a cold, wet winter, what better way to embrace the warmer months than with the welcoming, happy vibe of Peach Fuzz. Happy Spring!

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